Alana Shepherd

Alana, played by Willow Iannetta, is a sci-fi author living in New York. Working on her debut novel, a thriller set in Nuovo Andalusia Bubble on Mars around the year 2150, she works in a coffee shop when she’s not deep in the writing process.

Originally from Scotland, she moved to the States to go to university, and has since promised herself that she won’t move home until she has a book published. In the mean time, she has plenty to deal with, thanks to the antics of her characters.

Sam Callander

Sam, played by Kathleen Anderson, is a Hex Panel Technician on Mars, living in Nuovo Andalusia maintaining the integrity of the Bubble that protects the city. She is equally devoted to the pursuits of excellence as a panel technician and of getting absolutely hammered on a night out.

Given her fanaticism as a party girl, it sometimes comes as a surprise that Sam takes enormous pride in her job and co-workers. However, underestimating her professionalism and attachment to her team would be a disservice to her.

Robbie Andersen

Robbie, also played by Willow, is a Terran-born soil biologist. Leaving Earth for Mars with her family when she was four years old, she’s now employed by the interplanetary company Connaixo to both optimise their hydroponic labs and research the possibility of creating soil from Martian fines.

Even though she misses her native Missouri - and sometimes feels very isolated by it - she’s determined to do the best she can to make Mars a livable environment. Her work with soil might be at the cutting edge of the terraforming process, but for Robbie, being able to grow fresh vegetables would be all the validation she needs.

Rasmus Storm

Rasmus, played by Dawson Silkenat, was born in Denmark but left to pursue his fortune in America as a bounty hunter. After several years, he was hired by nSpace as a member of their Compliance team, arriving on Mars two years before the podcast begins.

An abrupt and abrasive character, he often rubs Alana and the other characters the wrong way in his pursuit of answers. Having and keeping secrets is second nature to him, even from Alana.

Charlie Mulholland

Host of the popular radio show Life From Mars, Charlie (played by Stefan Robertson) broadcasts an episode twice-weekly about his experiences of going to Mars, from beginning his training on Earth to integrating into Martian society in Nuovo Andalusia.

His disarming interview style can be a mixed blessing, but he nonetheless manages to talk to everyone from technicians on the Earth-to-Mars transport ships to the Bubble control workers.

Angelique Lacasse

One of Sam’s co-workers, Angelique (played by Amrita Narayanan) is a little older than the other members of the team, which is a source of great hilarity to everyone except her. Despite that, she gets on well with both Jane and Sam and her past in Bubble Stress Analysis gives her a more in-depth understanding of the dynamics at play on the panels.

Jane Fairfax

Jane, played by Leora Wadler, is the third member of Sam’s team working on the Bubble. The youngest member of the team, and the newest, she can nonetheless hold her own as a capable climber and engineer. However, her dancing is capable of causing nosebleeds at close range and can be classified as a melee attack.

Jerry Gilchrist

Another employee of Connaixo, Jerry - played by Struan Duncan-Wilson - moved to Nuovo Andalusia after a presentation by Robbie at an academic conference a few years ago. Already blown away by her work, he was delighted to learn that she was a lovely person as well as brilliant.