Season One


Lots of authors talk to their characters. Normally, their characters don’t talk back…

Episode One - Not Going Mad

Alana's a sci-fi writer living in New York with a knitted Loch Ness Monster. She talks to her characters sometimes, like a lot of authors do. But unlike most authors, her characters talk back...

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Episode Two - Looking Back

In which Alana meets Robbie, an Earth-born soil biologist. It turns out that some things - mostly bureaucracy - are the same no matter which planet you're on.

This episode features Berimbass, by Renaud Garcia-Fons.

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Episode Three - Same Coin, Two Sides

With a personal problem to deal with, Alana turns to Sam and Robbie for advice. But the evening's conversation quickly spirals out of control, and that's before Rasmus turns up...

Mini Episode - A Life In Letters, Part One

Robbie tackles paperwork, family, and most dauntingly, the office coffee pot.

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Episode Four - Life From Mars: Retrospective

Join Charlie Mulholland, host of radio show Life From Mars, as he reflects on his journey from his home on Earth to Nuovo Andalusia. One martian year ago, he arrived at his new home planet, and so this episode looks back at some of the experiences he had on the journey - with interviews, musings on his social life, and some never-before-heard footage of the trip from Martian orbit to the surface!

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Episode Five - Selling Out

When Rasmus visits Alana, he learns some secrets and reveals some of his own. A distracted Sam ponders her future, and Alana has to face some hard truths.

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Mini Episode - Shots And A Feather Boa

Charlie experiences a Spacey's Day Parade, a new hat, and a severe shortage of breakfast burritos.

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Episode Six - Striking A Balance

Robbie and Alana bond over lasagna and the challenges of getting fresh herbs on Mars. Robbie manages to see off an invading if flustered Rasmus, and she and Alana discuss the politics of Martian separatism.

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Mini Episode - Hex Life Chose Them

Charlie interviews Sam and meets her team.

In this episode, Charlie was played by Stefan Robertson, Sam was played by Kathleen Anderson, Valery was played by Struan Duncan-Wilson, Angelique was played by Amrita Narayanan, and Jane was played by Leora Wadler.

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Episode Seven - Turning Tables

When Sam is unsympathetic to Alana's struggles with writer's block, Alana finds the tables turned, and Robbie steps in... but on whose side?

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Mini Episode - A Life In Letters, Part Two

Robbie continues to tackle paperwork, family, and the politics of coffee, this time with an unexpected ally...

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Episode Eight - Merry Christmars

After a contentious film night - during which Sam and Robbie only eventually agree to a truce on the matter of mixing sweet and salted popcorn - Alana flies home to Scotland for Christmas.

This episode features 'Hark The Herald Angels' as performed by the choir and congregation of the Waverley Singers Carol Service, 17th of December 2000.

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Episode Nine - Climbing Higher

Awoken at two in the morning by an excited Sam, Alana struggles through a conversation about promotions, relationships, and the future of Bubbles.

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Mini Episode - Meddling

Jerry does his very, very best to ask Robbie out.

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Episode Ten - Life From Mars: Soilent Green

Charlie interviews Robbie, gets a tour of the vineyard, and has a close call with a fuzzy plant in this episode of Life From Mars.

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Episode Eleven - Good Days

With Rasmus growing increasingly angry and the novel reaching a critical point, Alana has to cope with the added stresses of Sam looking for a new team member.

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Episode Twelve - Bad Days

As the fate of the Bubble grows ever more serious, Alana is faced with a personal choice. Sam and her team are pursued by Rasmus while Robbie is stranded in her greenhouse.

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